Zygomatic implants –

much longer than traditional implants and are used when the upper jaw is completely edentulous or partially edentulous, absorption is big and there is insufficient bone of the upper jaw.

Implantation with Zygomatic implants

Needs very specific plan of procedures. Oral&Maxillofacial Surgeon should have special knowledge and experience. Acc. to the worldwide statistics, Zygomatic implants have a long-term success rate of more than 90 %.

This is the reason why this treatment method is a reliable and safe alternative for the standard teeth implantation.

Zygomatic implants

Advantages of Treatment with Zygomatic implants

The Zygomatic implants are seen as better in some ways then the more traditional methods. With implantation of Zygomatic implants, there is no need for sinus-lift and bone augmentation procedures.

Zygomatic implants could be alternative for the post-trauma treatment or resection of the tumor. Zygomatic implants for individual cases could be the alternative that helps to save time to compare it with the standard implantation.

Temporary prosthetic could be done within few days after the implantation in the most of cases. According to your individual situation surgeon will confirm if the prosthetic is possible immediately after implantation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age limit for the use of Zygomatic implants? 

The use of Zygomatic implants is possible for all groups of age, except children. In practise this method is commonly used for older people.

What is important for the decision if Zygomatic implants is the best choice?

Only Oral Surgeon or Maxillofacial Surgeon could provide you all information after the evaluation of the individual situation and all possible alternatives and could help you to decide according to the expected results, terms and prices.

Zygomatic implants usually are used in cases of edentulous upper jaw with insufficient bone with purpose to avoid sinus-lift and bone augmentation procedures. These implants could help to shorten the treatment and post-surgery time.