Looking back in history, we can see that white teeth have always been seen as attractive.

The smile frequently shows the patient’s age, but today signs of tooth aging may be hidden, thus making the patient look younger. For over a century, peroxide-containing substances have been used for tooth whitening.

With increasing popularity of minimally invasive techniques, tooth whitening with carbamide peroxide has become indispensable for the restoration of damaged darkened teeth.

The whitening substances we use are approved by the ADA (the American Dental Association), meet the EU requirements for medical substances, and have the CE mark.

If the patient chooses the so-called “home tooth bleaching under a physician’s supervision” technique, we produce whitening trays. The efficiency of nighttime vital tooth whitening is 95%, and bleaching of tetracycline stains – 90%. The effectiveness of tooth whitening, and the speed of color changes depend on how many hours per day and for how many days the tray with the whitening substance is worn, as well as on the resistance of dental pigments to the whitening substance.

Endodontically treated discolored teeth are more difficult to bleach, and the whitening procedure lasts longer, but, after appropriate preparation of such teeth, the results of whitening are good.

Most patients want who have a natural youthful and attractive smile, which frequently requires tooth whitening.

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