When teeth have been lost long ago, with chronic advanced periodontitis, when it is necessary to remove some or all of the teeth, the situation becomes unfavourable for a successful prosthesis.

Hypertrophied mucous membrane, sharp edges of bones remaining after tooth extractions prevent the removable prosthesis fixation and do not allow the patient to wear removable dentures comfortably, or dentures look unattractively.

Therefore, before prosthesis, hard and soft tissues must be surgically fixed.

The procedure aims at levelling out the existing bone bumps.

Stages of the procedure include the opening of the mucous membranes and levelling out the growths, then filling cavities with synthetic, slowly dissolving bone substitutes.

It allows to shape the correct contour of the alveolar bone, which gradually accepts the load while wearing dentures, which, in turn, do not press the mucous membrane of the patient.

This procedure can also be applied for prosthesis with removable dentures (bridges), when there is a significant loss of alveolar bone, requiring bone correction before the prosthesis, so that the prosthesis looks more natural.

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