Partial prostheses are usually made for posterior rows of teeth (having lost some teeth in some dental arch) to restore the defects if it is not possible to restore them by implants.

Dental clasps are made by casting and have a special construction.

Dental clasps are offered to patients who agree to wear a removable prosthesis, the remaining teeth of whom are healthy and strong, not damaged by periodontal diseases and caries.

This prosthesis to the patient’s healthy teeth is attached by hooks or locking system which provided the patient with comfort while speaking and chewing; the prosthesis does not move and remains stable.

Dental clasps not only ensure good oral aesthetics but also less lean on the oral mucosa thus it allows the tongue to articulate sounds without any interference. The disadvantage of these prostheses is that they provide tooth, on which hooks are attached or a locking system) with too high load.

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