When teeth were lost long ago, with edentulous jaw, the alveolar bone resorption – loss of bone develops gradually.

For this reason, the muscles of the mouth vestibule come relatively close to the top of the alveolar process and the alveolar outgrowth height is lost. Then the oral vestibule becomes shallower.

This has adverse effects on prosthesis with removable prosthesis as prosthesis fixation is worse or it does not stay in place at all. Also, in absence of adequate fixed gums, after threading the implants, their longevity is reduced because of the risk of periimplatite.

During the surgery, the mucosa and muscles of the jaw are pushed toward the base of the jaw and captured here.

During the oral vestibule plastics:

Muscles are attached slightly below and removable prosthesis retention improves.
In case of dental implantology and prosthesis on them, the gum stretching effect on dental implant necks is eliminated.

After the oral vestibule plastic:

Swelling and discomfort may last for several days.
Treatment with analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.
Good oral hygiene.

Follow-up and removal of sutures after one week.

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