Adjustable bone regeneration (RKR) technique

Bone regeneration technique is used to facilitate bone regeneration, when the jaw bone thickness is insufficient for implant.

After implantation, the area with bone deficiency is supplemented using the autogenous, i.e. the patient’s own bone, or artificial bone material, and is covered with a special membrane. When a large quantity of bone is needed, the bone regeneration procedure is performed before the implantation procedure. Sometimes the patient’s own bone and artificial crushed bone is used at the same time by covering everything with a special membrane. This provides better bone reconstruction results.

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1. The implant is placed in a place where there are no teeth.

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2.Crushed patient bone, or artificial bone or better yet, both of these materials together are placed where there is a lack of bone, and covered with an artificial membrane.

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3. Although each patient is different, but the alveolar bone regenerates and the implant can be stabilized after 4-6 months.

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