Smile is one the most beautiful features we notice when communicating with people.

Healthy and beautiful teeth signify that a person is neat and takes care about his/her aesthetical beauty.

Yet we have to admit that only regular visits to the dentist will provide a great opportunity for such a smile. The dentists can be one of the first specialists to bring joy back to your life.

Oral diseases are the major health problem widely spread in the society.

Dental treatment is generally used to prevent and to treat two most common oral diseases: dental caries and periodontal diseases.

Dental caries occurs when bacteria in the mouth begins to produce acid, which damages teeth. Caries, if not treated, can evoke pain, infection and the loss of a tooth or a group of teeth, thus prevention and timely treatment are very important as they improve oral health status, reduce the damage of infection and inflammation.

In order to avoid dental caries, it is necessary to brush teeth regularly with a toothbrush, dental floss and to avoid food products containing a lot of sugar. The effectiveness of treatment is usually guaranteed by good oral hygiene.

To restore tooth in our clinic we use the highest quality filling material that meet all the expectations of the patients.

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