Periodontal disease treatment can be conservative and surgical.
Conservative treatment is prescribed when the periodont has not yet caused irreversible changes. Treatment should start with professional oral hygiene.

Surgical periodontal treatment is applied when periodontal disease is well advanced, and usual treatment is no longer appropriate.

Periodontal surgery is the most effective procedure to reduce pocket depth. Surgery provides best access and allows the doctor to correct hard and soft tissues, if necessary.

During this surgery, abnormal tissues around the teeth are removed, and then gums around the teen are sutured. Sometimes bone defects around damaged teeth can be filled with a variety of bone fillings and medications inducing tissue regeneration.

This operation can be performed only by a trained oral surgeon.

The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, so the patient does not feel any pain.

However, non-surgical method of plaque removal is the preferred initial treatment method. This is shown in the traditional periodontal therapy scheme. It begins of the non-surgical removal, followed by re-evaluation, and surgery is only made when necessary.

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