Professional approach, responsibility, competencies and modern technologies stand out KIC from all other dental clinics. Thank you for your help, professional advices and sincere communication. Good luck to your team.

Gintare D.


Smile is one of the signs of happy person. Thank you, KIC team for your professional work, cozy environment and what is extremely important to the patient – sincere communication. Thank you doctor Ausra and doctor Gvidas for the opportunity to smile.

Nijolė Švelnienė


Thank you to all the staff and to the oral hygienist Carolina very much;) Until the next date, I hope the same kind.

Rita Karsokiene


Perfect team and professional work. Good luck to the whole team.

Gabrielius Saulys


Sincere thanks doctor Ausra and assistant Deimantefor your wonderful job taking care of my teeth. Your perfect teamwork makes me feel calm and confident. I am happy to return for the next visit. Thank you!

Ausra Nordby


The best way to remember good job – to repeat it. Thank you dr. Gvidas Jankauskas, dr. Ausra Gudzinskiene, dr. Ramune Mickiene and all staff of KIC. You made my dream come true!

Gertruda Sakale


I sincerely thank you, doctor surgeon Dainius Razukevicius for my surgery, for attention after surgery and for all advices on post-surgery period. 

I sincerely thank you, doctor Ramune Mickiene and doctor Vaidote Razukeviciene, for all prosthetic work, for support, attention and understanding and everything you have done to find the best solution for me. Also, I am grateful to you for your work till the late evening, long after your working hours.

I am grateful to doctor anaesthesiologist Natalia Rudnikevich for her professionalism in preparation for the procedures and sincere care during surgery and after it. All doctors, assistants and administrators working in KIC  are very helpful, sincere and really worthy of the Doctors from the Big Letters name.

I am grateful to everyone and I really know we will meet in KIC for a long time. Good luck to all of you in your professional and personal life.

Jolanta Sakalauskiene


My heartfull thanks to this clinic for professional and great work! This is the place where you can feel absolutely calm, because you are sure that everything is done to the very highest level, and what’s the most important today is the right price, from which the weak does not grow up.

Thank you from all of our family! Dr. Ausra, you are just unreal (because we spend the most of our time in your cabinet)! All the others of the staff are also wonderful and very polite!

The professional work of the specialists of the clinic was also greatly appreciated by the acquaintances who have already started visiting KIC.

Happiness and health for you and your loved ones!


Thank you, the most wonderful and the best, the warmest, the most careful and the gentlest doctor Jovita Dubinskiene. I wish you long and interesting years of the job you love.

In such way, I will always have a possibility to come back.

Best regards from Vaida


Dr. Jovita Dubinskiene, Thank you! I feel myself the most safely with you and I fully trust your competence! It was happed for me to visit other clinics, but all the roads finally lead to you! You are the best!

Sincerely, Daiva Olkštinaitė


Thank you Vaidote and Dainius Razukevičius for the implantation.

Especially thank you, dentist Vaidote Razukeviciene, for the patience, care, kindness and sincere communication. I was lucky to come to you! Thanks to the whole KIC team. Good luck to you!

Valery Aukštuoliene


I wish to say a great thank you – doctor Ramune Mickiene, for the quality of the treatment provided. I am very grateful!



Thank you, Karolina, for the care, sincere communication and professional advices on not easy way of teeth and gum care.

Rasele Beleviciene


Sincerely thank you dr. D. Razukevicius and your nice team for your professionalism, sincerity and the services provided that I have used not for the first time. 

Let your generosity returns to you in 100 times more.

Jovita Bergenas


Dr. Ausra takes care about the tooth of my family members and mine for a long time. We wish to say THANK YOU for her…  By now we live abroad, but we always return to you. 

Good luck to you and all the staff of this clinic. It is always a pleasure to come here.

Thank you for your professional approach.

The Sadauskai


We would like to say thank you to dr. Ausra. She is the best from all doctors that I have ever met.

Her care for the sick child during the New year fests has changed my opinion about the medicine system at all. She takes care about the teeth od all our family members. Thank you and good luck!



Responsible and professional treatment, pleasant and helpful reception. Everything that was impossible elsewhere, became possible here. Thank you dr. D. Razukevicius. Good luck to all staff!

N. Lukoseviciute


Thank you dr. Dubinskiene, dr. Razukevicius, dr. Razukeviciene and others, with whom I have met, for a pleasant, professional service.


Thank you for my saved flights, as I am a “flying” patient.


It is a great team. Take care of each other, because strength is in unity.



Virginija Chlebopaseviene


“We all are angels with just one wing. We need to embrace to fly … “ Thank you for your Angelic custody.


Administrator Aiste, Doctor Dainius Razukevicius, Doctor Anesthesiologist Natalia, Assistants Daiva and Irma


… People who work from the heart. Thank you for your concern, love and professionalism. Sincerely

Inga Stravinskiene


I would like to thank dr. D. Razukevičius for the long-term treatment results. After the temporomandibular joint disc and orthognathic operations, I finally feel myself healthy and happy again!

Four years of severe pain is over, now I can enjoy a beautiful smile! I thank you sincerely!

Grazina Zizaite


Thank you – for the best doctor Gvidas Jankauskas. You are the best!



Dr. Ausra, thank you for your perfect work and pleasant atmosphere.

Virginijus Bockus


Thank you dr. Gvidas Jankauskas for the professional work. The implant has integrated without any problems. Recommendations for others.

Lina Varaneckiene


I had a visit to Kaunas Implantology Centre. Dr. Gvidas Jankauskas extracted 2 teeth.


I was afraid so much. Immediately after the operation I said with a smile that there was nothing scared.


I didn’t feel any pain during the operation or after it. Professional doctor. My recommendations.

Arturas, Kaunas


I am grateful to Kaunas Implantology Centre clinic team for dental treatment performed flawlessly, for the staff helpfulness and professionalism of doctors.

Regimantas V. from Raseiniai


Cool is not only doctors, but also their assistants