Do you want to see the immediate effect of teeth whitening? Philips Zoom makes it possible and not only.

Teeth whitening using the system Philips Zoom will help to reduce teeth sensitivity and will make teeth whiter, more even and brighter

Teeth whitening using the system Philips Zoom. Why is it worth choosing?

  • The teeth get whiter up to 8 shades – the result is seen outright!
  • The whitening substance Philips ZOOM consists of safe 6% hydrogen peroxide and amorphous calcium phosphate. When hydrogen peroxide decomposes, oxygen penetrates into enamel and dentine and whitens the coloured substances.
  • The whitening substance of the system Philips Zoom is the only in-office whitening gel that contains amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), potassium nitrate and fluoride. While whitening, this substance penetrates into the dental tissues, fills open dentinal tubules, reduces tooth sensitivity and forms the surface layer that covers unevenness and the teeth become more even and brighter.
  • When this system is used to whiten teeth, hard dental tissues are not damaged. The lamp Philips Zoom prevents teeth from heating up, so the procedure is completely harmless for nervous dental tissue – pulp.
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Stages of teeth whitening procedure Philips ZOOM:

1. Consultation

The teeth condition is discussed, the colour and patient’s expectations are assessed. If necessary, the procedures needed before whitening are prescribed.

2. Preparation for whitening and teeth whitening

The whitening gel is applied on the teeth after preparation. The gel’s layer should be of 1-2 mm thickness.
The whitening gel is activated by ultraviolet light.
The whitening cycle lasts for 15 minutes. Afterwards the gel may be removed.
The cycle is repeated for 3-4 times.

3. Evaluation of results and instructions

The shade of teeth after the teeth whitening procedure is assessed and recorded in accordance with the colour scale.
It is explained to the patient, how to preserve the achieved results.

What has to be known before teeth whitening?

  • The dentist’s consultation and analysis of particular situation are needed before the teeth whitening procedure. The patient’s teeth and gums have to be healthy. The professional oral hygiene has to be performed for the patient. It helps to remove hard and soft plaque from the teeth.
  • The dental fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges, etc. are not whitened. They may be replaced by new ones after the teeth whitening procedure or restoration, depending on the new shade of teeth.
  • The lifeless teeth that have changed their colour because of trauma or endodontic treatment may be whitened. In this case endodontic teeth whitening is applied.
  • The teeth wing procedure may be contraindicated to the patients because of poor oral hygiene, if their teeth are damaged by caries, if they have old, permeable fillings or abrasive dental injuries, sick gums or severe systemic diseases.
  • The teeth whitening procedure cannot be performed for pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients under 18 years old.

Patient results after teeth whitening procedures performed in our clinic:

Before and after the treatment

Dantų balinimo procedūra. Kauno implantologijos klinika.
Dantų balinimas. Kauno implantologijos centras
Dantų balinimas. Kauno implantologijos centras.

Factors that affect changes of teeth colour:

  • Genetics (heredity).
  • Age (the tooth’s structure is changing – the dentine’s thickness is growing, it gets more yellow, the enamel gets thinner and becomes more transparent).
  • Food and beverages (coffee, tea, red wine, “Coca Cola”).
  • Bad habits (smoking, chewing tobacco).
  • Diseases and their treatment (e.g., treatment by radiation, chemotherapy), antibiotics and other medicaments (e.g., tetracycline, antihistamine medications, antidepressants, medicaments containing iron).
  • Inadequate oral hygiene.


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Staining from aging


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Tobacco stained teeth

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Hereditary condition

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Tetracycline staining

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