Profesionali burnos higiena ir dantų balinimas

Professional Oral Hygiene and Teeth Whitening. What do the specialists talk about?

Posted on 2018-11-12

Nov 10, Oral Hygienist Aurelija Varkaliene and Oral Hygienist Karolina Malasauskaite participated in the conference The Current Issues of Professional Oral Hygiene, 2018.

The professional oral hygiene for pregnant women as well as professional oral hygiene for the patients with braces were discussed in order to preserve the healthy teeth.

Incorrect professional hygiene or lack of professional oral hygiene is one of the reasons for the development of periodontal disease, caries, inflammation and other problems.

The other issue of the conference was safe and effective teeth whitening, choices that could be found in the market and conditions that must be met to ensure the safety of the patients and the best result.

Philips ZOOM professional whitening system can ensure an effective and safe whitening way and long-term results even when applying a whitening gel of lower concentration.

Profesionali burnos higiena ir dantų balinimas