PRF is the most advanced technology used by dentists, oral surgeons, dental implantologists, etc.

This procedure accelerates wound healing and renewal of bones.

PRF (platelet-rich fibrin; fibrin is insoluble blood protein responsible for coagulation) is a concentrate of platelets generating growth factors.

PRF procedure

During the PRF procedure, blood is taken from the patient’s vein and individual blood components are separated in special centrifuge.

One of the blood’s components is fibrin. It is enriched by platelets. Platelets are adhesive, colourless blood cells that affect blood coagulation together with big amount of biologically active substances that induce wound healing, renewal of skin and bones, and formation of new blood vessels.

The concentrate received in such a way accelerates healing of wounds and renewal.

PRF application

In order to accelerate wound healing, PRF may be applied for the following dental and oral surgical procedures:

  • implanting, bone augmentation,
  • alveoli filling after the tooth’s extraction,
  • surgical treatment of periodontal diseases, treatment of gum tissues.

According to the performed researches and observations, the following are mentioned as the most frequent PRF advantages for the patient:

  • faster initial healing of wounds,
  • possible lesser swelling after the tooth’s extraction or other surgical procedure,
  • faster restoration of osseous tissue and healing of soft tissues after implanting,
  • possible pain’s suppression after surgical intervention,
  • smaller risk of inflammation, infection and complications.

Usage of the PRF method

The PRF method has been used in dentistry for quite a long time already. This method allows the patients expecting faster post-surgical healing of wounds.

The PRF method is especially suitable for patients, who have acute or chronic diseases.

Consult the doctor regarding usage of the PRF method.

The doctor will take the situation’s complexity, possible concomitant diseases of the patient, difficulty of surgery and regeneration into account and will decide whether PRF could serve for achievement of the best result.