Different orthodontic appliances can be used for dental alignment and malocclusion treatment.

These can be classified into non-removable or fixed.

Fixed appliances are braces, certain functional or supplementary devices. Removable appliances are dentures and functional devices.

Brace system consists of braces and orthodontic wire. Function of braces is to support orthodontic wire which is often replaced during the treatment process.

The brace is fixed to a tooth with the help of special glue.

Denture consists of plastic base and passive elements (clasps, arches) and active elements (springs and screws).

The tooth starts to move because the affecting power, which is triggered by the wire pushing via the braces or the denture, is forwarded into the surrounding bone.

The latter, due to the processes happening at the cell level, start to resolve (melt) and the tooth can move from one position into another.

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dantu implantai
dantu implantai