Periodontal diseases, which are mostly caused by deposits accumulation around the teeth, are quite widespread in Lithuania.

Studies show that nearly 90 % of people have signs of this disease of certain severity.

If periodontitis is left untreated, primary clinical signs over time progress into severe periodontitis stages, which manifest themselves in mobility of teeth and eventually tooth loss.

The main risk of this disease is that symptoms develop slowly and without pain, so the patient may even taken no notice of the illness for many years.

Timely medical attention is especially important because periodontal diseases affect the health of the whole organism, and only a doctor can make diagnosis, assess the forecast, and prescribe a suitable treatment of periodontal pathology after examining the condition of your oral cavity.


Gvidas Jankauskas, D.D.S., Oral Surgeon

Implantology - Oral surgery - Periodontology


    Inesa Stigiene, doctor – periodontist

    Implantology - Periodontology