Tarptautinė konferencija ,,Straumann Forum“

International conference “Straumann Forum”

Posted on 2019-05-22

May 17-18 Kaunas Implantology Center doctors’ team – PhD Oral&Maxillofacial Surgeon Dainius Razukevicius, Oral Surgeon Gvidas Jankauskas, Dentist Jovita Dubinskiene and Dentist-Orthopedist Mantas Kevelaitis – participated in the international conference “Straumann Forum”.

Innovative dental implant solutions, edentulous jaw implantation with Straumann Pro Arch, dental aesthetics were just some of the topics that were discussed during this two-day conference.

Moderating the first day of the conference PhD Dainius Razukevicius noticed the importance of modern dentistry opportunities based on reliable research and the importance of close collaboration between professionals for the best treatment solutions.

Continuous improvement, implementing latest methods, based on reliable research and global experience as well as combining patients’ expectations and opportunities of the modern dentistry for the best long-term outcome are priorities of  Kaunas Implantology Center Team.

Tarptautinė konferencija ,,Straumann Forum“