About Ramune Mickiene, doctor odontologist

Since 2004 member of Dental Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania. 1997-1998 completed primary residency in Kaunas Kalniečiai policlinics. 1997 graduated from Faculty of Dentistry, KMU

  • 2019. Mar 1-2 Systematic Restoration of Worn Teeth, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 16-11-2018 Practical Course Late Orthopedic and Surgical Dental Implants Complications, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 01-06-2018 Prosthetics on 4 implants –  Straumann Pro Arch, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 18-11-2017 Practical course Geometry of Beauty. CAD/CAM for the copy of nature morpphology, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 21-08-2017—24-08-2017 Course “Implant Aesthetics: Where Are We Today?” by professor Urs Belser, (Basel, Switzerland)
  • 26-10-2016 Dental veneers. Detailed protocol of treatment, Vilnius
  • 25-03-2016 Toothless Jaws Prosthetics on Implnats. What could happen after 10 years? Vilnius
  • 25-09-2015 Dental News – 2015. Lecturer Anna Ferro, Vilnius
  • 11-04-2015 Immediate Prosthetics on Implants: a team approach, Kaunas
  • 2015 03 13 Training course “Dental Implant Application in Aesthetic Zone and Toothless Jaw Prosthesis”, Med grupė UAB, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 28-11-2014 – International Scientific Practical Conference “ENDOBALTIC 2014″
  • 31-05-2013 Dental Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania, International Congress “Odontology and Human Health”, Druskininkai
  • 26/27-10-2012 1st International East European Conference, Craniomandibular Academy “Interdisciplinary Aspects in Craniomandibular Disorders”.
  • 05-02-2011 Theoretical Course “Individual Implant Supports”, R.Bagdonas, A.Auškalnis.
  • 27/28-05-2011 LR Dental Chamber International Congress “Oral Health for Everyone”
  • 08-07-2011 VIC theoretical course “How can Clinical Practice be more Successful. Complex Treatment Solutions”.
  • 11-11-2011 Assoc. prof. Dr. G.KOBS Clinic of Odontology “Restoring Worn Teeth with Composite Fillings by Increasing Height of Occlusion” Assoc. prof. dr. G. Kobs
  • 23-02-2010 Theoretical seminar “Aesthetics – Impression or Mathematics? Modeling Contacts between Front and Side Teeth” – assoc. prof. Serhiy Radlinskyy
  • 27-08 – 03-09-2010 Theoretical and Practical course in a training center Apollonia, Poltava, Lecturer S.Radlinskij
  • 02-10-2010 Dens Inspiration Theoretical and Practical course “Direct Canine Tooth Restoring with Composites” assoc. prof. dr.G.Kobs
  • 05/06-06-2009 International Congress “Patient Safety in Odontology“.
  • 09/14-06-2008 Kaunas University of Medicine, Clinics of Radiology “Specification of Rentgenology in Odontology, Work with Dental X-ray Machines”
  • 29/31-05-2008 Dens Inspiration “Functional, Aesthetic and Restoring Aspects of Dental System in Modern Interdisciplinary Odontology“ Prof.Dr.Georg B. Meyer
  • 23/25-05-2008 International Odontology Congress. Druskininkai
  • 24-03-2007 Lithuanian Children’s Odontologists Association, Lithuanian Dental Chamber “First Aid in Odontology: Specialized Aid in Emergencies”.
  • 03-02-2003 Crisis Research Center “Primary Adult Life Support and First Aid”
  • 03-02- 2007 Institute of Aesthetic and Restoring Odontology “Compulsory Lectures on Infection Control”
  • 31-03-2007 Dental Chamber of the Republic of Lithuanian “Quality Management in the Company, “First Medical Aid in Dental Clinics”. 17-11-2007 Theoretical – practical course “Function. Practical Use of Facial Arc and Articulator”, R.Pletkus.
  • 16/17-03-2007 Vilnius university, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Odontology “Advances in Odontology for Practice”.
  • 18-03-2005 Lithuanian Advanced Dentistry Association “Principles of Aesthetic Filling”.
  • 31-03 – 04-04-2003 Course “Specification of Roentgenology in Dentistry, Work with Dental Machines”.
  • 01-02 – 31-03-2000 Vilnius university, studies at VU Faculty of Medicine, Doctor’s Refresher Department.
  • 10/21-05-1999 Vilnius university “Innovations in Endodontics”.
  • 23/26-06-1999 KMU 2nd International Dental Congress.



S. Nekrošienė


Thank you dr. Ramunė Mickienė for your warm welcome and accurate work. I wish you health and keep on helping people taking care of their teeth.


Ruta Klapper


For many years I come to Lithuania regularly and visit this clinic, using a variety of clinic services from oral hygiene to implantation. I have been a patient of doctor Ramunė Mickienė for several years. The doctor has done a lot of work from caries treatment to prosthetic anterior teeth. Doctor R. Mickienė explains very well and comprehensively the course of treatment, tells about the materials used in treatment and prosthetics, and the work of dental technicians. I also received a lot of advice on how to properly care for your teeth and implants. I have full confidence in this specialist. I was even asleep during treatment (without analgesia). I have also been a patient of hygienist Karolina Malašauskaitė for many years. She works with great professionalism and precision. The first implant in this clinic was screwed on by my oral surgeon Gvidas Jankauskas. I was pleasantly surprised by the professional work, materials and medicines used. The procedures included sedation by Natalia Rudnikevič, an anesthesiologist. Everything was SUPER. The next day, there was no swelling. I believe it was thanks to a professional team. The staff of this clinic is well versed in their work. I trust and recommend the KIC clinic.


Gertruda Sakale


I sincerely thank you, doctor surgeon Dainius Razukevicius for my surgery, for attention after surgery and for all advices on post-surgery period. 


I sincerely thank you, doctor Ramune Mickiene and doctor Vaidote Razukeviciene, for all prosthetic work, for support, attention and understanding and everything you have done to find the best solution for me. Also, I am grateful to you for your work till the late evening, long after your working hours.


I am grateful to doctor anaesthesiologist Natalia Rudnikevich for her professionalism in preparation for the procedures and sincere care during surgery and after it. All doctors, assistants and administrators working in KIC  are very helpful, sincere and really worthy of the Doctors from the Big Letters name.


I am grateful to everyone and I really know we will meet in KIC for a long time. Good luck to all of you in your professional and personal life.


With respect, Nijolė Plungienė


I have been visiting this wonderful medical facility for a long time. I am very pleased with the doctor. D. Razukevičius' work, his professional skill and compassion for patients. Doctor Ramunė Mickienė works very well.

Probably all specialists here are highly qualified. I want to be treated here because doctors are so sensitive to patients.

The nurses also kindly serve, and the administrators complement this harmonious implant center orchestra with their lovely smiles and benevolence. Thank you all.


Valery Aukštuoliene


I wish to say a great thank you – doctor Ramune Mickiene, for the quality of the treatment provided. I am very grateful!

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