About Jovita Dubinskiene, doctor odontologist

  • Since 2004 member of Dental Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • 1998-1999 completed primary residency in Kaunas Kalniečiai policlinics.
  • 1998 graduated from Faculty of Dentistry, KMU.
  • 2019 Oct 17-18  Seminar “Practical Application of New Generation Composites for Direct Restoration: Clinical Work Protocol, New Methods and Materials” (Prof. Simone Grandini, Italy), Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2019. Apr 14-18 International Conference Straumann Forum. Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 2019. May 10-11 International Conference „Dentistry Without Drama“. Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 2019. Mar 1-2 Systematic Restoration of Worn Teeth, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2018-11-22 seminar Innovative sealing materials and tools – an impulse to improve, Kaunas. Lithuania
  • 16-11-2018 Practical Course Late Orthopedic and Surgical Dental Implants Complications, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2018. Oct 6. Good Planning – A Successful Result, scientific Conference held by Dentists Union, Druskininkai, Lithuania
  • 01-06-2018 Prosthetics on 4 implants –  Straumann Pro Arch, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 18-05-2018 4th International Health Sciences Conference, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 03-05-2018—04-05-2018 (R)Evolution in Orthopedic Dentistry, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 21-08-2017—24-08-2017 Course “Implant Aesthetics: Where Are We Today?” by professor Urs Belser, (Basel, Switzerland)
  • 03-04-2017—05-04-2017 BSCOSO Spring Course: TMJ (temporomandibular joint): physical therapy, orthodontics, surgery, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2015 03 21 International Conference “Integration of Natural Treatment Methods into Clinical Practice. Stress and Stress-Related Diseases. Natural Stress Treatment Methods” Lecturer Med. Dr.  S. Popat.
  • 2015 03 13 Training course “Dental Implant Application in Aesthetic Zone and Toothless Jaw Prosthesis”, Med grupė UAB, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 10-05-2014 Tooth and Implant Prosthesis in the Aesthetic Surgery
  • 04/05-04-2014 Innovations and Advances in Odontological Practice.
  • 03-04-2014 “Controlling Infection. Medical Aid. Professional Ethics. Oral Prophylaxis”.
  • 2014-02-01 Theoretical Basis in Craniomandibular Disfunction (CMD), Interdisciplinary Concepts in CMD Functional Diagnostics and Treatment – Dr. Andrea Diehl
  • 29/30-11-2013 Treatment of Gum Recessions and Wedge-Shaped Defect from the Point of View of Odontologist, Periodontist, Orthopedist and Dental Technician.
  • 31-05  – 01-06-2013 ODONTOLOGY AND HUMAN HEALTH
  • 19/20-04-2013 Innovations and Advances in Odontological Practice
  • 18-04-2013 LROR Klaipėda regional department and Public Inst. Practical Odontology seminar “Controlling Infection. Medical Aid. Professional Ethics. Oral Prophylaxis”.
  • 11-04-2013 Restoring with Zirconium Oxide Ceramics: Peculiarities of Ceramics and Preparation
  • 13-04-2013 Current Problems of Public Health
  • 26/27-10-2012 1st International East European Conference “Interdisciplinary Aspects in Craniomandibular Disorders.
  • 01/02-06-2012 Dental Chamber of the Republic of Lithuanian, International Congress “Odontology Today and Tomorrow”. Druskininkai, Lithuania.
  • 20/21-04-2012 New Era in Restoring Dentistry: Concepts of Modern Treatment and Restoring Materials Using Digital Technologies– prof. Dr. Daniel Edelhoff (Germany)
  • 21-03-2012 Restoring Front Teeth Using Composite Veneer System
  • 29-11 – 01-21-2012 Today vs. the Future. Modern and Future Technologies ( DMD. Didier Dietschi, Prof. dr Ashok Sethi, Dr med.dent Alessandro Devigus, Dr med.dent. Helmut Walsch)
  • 06-10-2012 Modern Natural Treatment Methods
  • 29-09-2012 Innovations in Odontology
  • 31-03-2012 Homeopathic Treatment Methods in Therapeutic Practice
  • 09/10-03-2012 International Conference “Quintessence Baltic Bruxismus“
  • 17/18-06-2011 Modern Diagnostics and  Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders
  • 27/28-05-2011 LR Dental Chamber, International Congress “Oral Health for Everyone”
  • 05-06-07-2011 “Innovations and Advances in Odontological Practice” (dr. Uwe Radmacher, dr.Miguel Stanley, dr. Anousheh Alavi, prof.dr. Vita Mačiulskienė, assoc. prof. dr.. Julija Narbutaitė, m.dr. Tomas Linkevičius, doctor.od. Eglė Vindašiūtė, d.t. Raimundas Bagdonas, doctor periodontist  Adomas Auškalnis, m.dr. Simonas Grybauskas, assoc. prof. dr.. Dalia Smailienė, m.dr. Rita Vėberienė, prof.dr Vytautė Pečiulienė, doctor periodontist Algirdas Puišys, m dr. Neringa Skučaitė)
  • 12-02-2011 Biological Principles Using Splints, Splints, Mio-relaxing Splints in Central Jaw Relation, Main Principles of Production and Application” – Rolandas Pletkus
  • 05-02-2011 Individual Implant Support– R.Bagdonas and A. Auškalnis.
  • 08-12-2011 Ensuring Radiation Safety  in X-ray Diagnostics”
  • 05-11-2011 Modern Natural Treatment Methods
  • 19-03-2011 Applying Biological Treatment Methods in Clinical Practice
  • 22-06-2010 Simplified Front Tooth Aesthetic Restoring Methodology Using Composite – theoretical and practical parts  – med.dr. Valdas Vilkinis
  • 04/05-06-2010 LR Dental Chamber International Congress dedicated to prof.S.Čepulis 100th Birth Anniversary
  • 23-04-2010 Innovations and Advances in Odontological  Practice (dr. Frances M. Andreasen, prof. Simon Friedman, dr. Miguel Stanley, assoc. prof. dr. Vytautė Pečiulienė, doctor periodontist Adomas Auškalnis, d.t. Raimundas Bagdonas, doctor periodontist Algirdas Puišys, dr. Tomas Linkevičius, assoc. prof. Eglė Vindašiūtė, dr. Simonas Grybauskas, dr. Živilė Grabliauskienė, assoc.prof.dr. Giedrė Kobs, doc. orthodontist Dalia Latkauskienė, doc. endodontologist Kastytis Bušauskas)
  • 06-03-2010 “Planning in Difficult Patient Cases“ – assoc. prof. dr. G.Kobs and d.t. master Stefan Schunke (Germany)
  • 23-02-2010 Aesthetics – Impression or Mathematics? Modeling Contacts between Front and Side Teeth – assoc.prof. Serhiy Radlinskyy
  • 16-10-2010 Important Issues in Homotoxicology and Homeopathy
  • 09-2010 60 academic hour course on Restoring Odontology – Sergej Radlinskij (Poltava)
  • 19-12-2009 Influence of Implant Screwing Depth on the Choice of Prosthesis Construction. How Complications Influenced by Cement Residues can be Avoided
  • 03-10-2009 “Restoring Aesthetic Flat in Worn Teeth Using Direct Filling Technique and Aesthetic and Functional Filling in Side Teeth Groups“ – Wolfgang M. Boer (Germany)
  • 02-10-2009 “Front and Side Teeth Aesthetics when Working with Direct Composites” – Wolfgang M. Boer (Vokietija)
  • 05-09-2009 “Team Work by Doctor Odontologist and Dental Technician when Planning and Implementing Difficult Patient Cases” – Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Giedrė Kobs and dental technician master Stefan Schunke
  • 03/04-09-2009 “Practical Implementation of Occlusion Concepts when Filling Side Teeth Group” – Assoc. Prof. dr.  Giedrė Kobs and dental technician master Stefan Schunke
  • 29/30-05-2008 “Functional, Aesthetic and Restoring Aspects of Dental System in Interdisciplinary Odontology“ – Prof. Dr. Dr. Georg B. Meyer
  • 23/25-05-2008 International Odontology Congress
  • 25-04-2008 “Practical Aspects in Direct Aesthetic Filling” – P. Kalesinskas
  • 08-12-2007 “Function. Practical Use of Facial Arc and Articulator” – R. Pletkus
  • 23-11-2007 “Composite Restoring – State of the Art“ – Wolfgang M. Boer (Germany)
  • 24-10-2007 “Direct Aesthetic Front Teeth Restoring. Forming Contact Points. Restoring Worn Teeth.“ – Assoc. prof. dr.  Sergej Radlinskij ( Ukraine)
  • 28-09-2007 “Analysis Procedure – a Condition of Successful Treatment“– Stefan Schunke (Germany)
  • 16/27-09-2007 “Basis of Occlusion”– Stefan Schunke (Germany)
  • 03-02-2007 “Primary Adult Life Support and First Aid”
  • 27-05-2006 “Controlling Infection in Odontology”
  • 12/13-05-2006 Lithuanian BPG Odontology Association Conference “Innnovations in Odontology”
  • 17/18-02-2006 “Modern Prosthesis on Implants”– Dr.Mete I. Franuscu (USA)
  • 26-11-2005 “Children’s Tooth Traumas, their Treatment and Prophylaxis”
  • 9/10-09-2005 International Conference
  • 18-03-2005 “Principles of Aesthetic Filling”- Assoc. prof. dr. Sergej Radlinskij ( Ukraine)
  • 20-12-2003 “New Diagnostics of Orthodontic Anomalies and Treatment Methods“
  • 05/06-12-2003 Scientific practical conference “Endodontics 2003”
  • 01/13-12-2003 Practical course on Oral Surgery
  • 14/15-11-2003 “New Technologies and Methods in Odontology – Science and Practice”
  • 31-03/04-04-2003 Course “Specification of Roentgenology in Dentistry, Work with Dental Machines”
  • 10-03-2001 “Aesthetics in Dentistry”
  • 16-09-2000 International seminar “Dentistry of the Millenium: Adhesion, Atraumatism, Aesthetics“
  • 9/10-06-2000 IIIrd International Dental Congress
  • 25-03-2000 Seminar “Peculiarities of Endodontics in a Mixed Occlusion. Children’s Dental Traumas”
  • 23/26-06-1999 IInd International Dental Congress





Thank you dr. Jovita Dubinskienė! Very meticulous and responsible specialist. Teeth are like my own! I very appreciate it!


Gabrielė Kriaučionytė


Throughout the treatment I felt a lot of effort from doctor Jovita: she tried hard to do well and do it on time. It shows quality and professional work. The doctor examines each tooth in detail during the visit, delves into the details and sees the overall picture. Seeks maximum results, provides sufficient information, and details all stages. During each visit, explains why, how, and what we will do next. That is professionalism. I would recommend both the clinic and the doctors.


Happiness and health for you and your loved ones!


Thank you, the most wonderful and the best, the warmest, the most careful and the gentlest doctor Jovita Dubinskiene. I wish you long and interesting years of the job you love. In such way, I will always have a possibility to come back.


Best regards from Vaida


Dr. Jovita Dubinskiene, Thank you! I feel myself the most safely with you and I fully trust your competence! It was happed for me to visit other clinics, but all the roads finally lead to you! You are the best!


Laima Mizarunienė


I have been geting treated at KIC for several years. It is a truly unique treatment facility that brings together a very professional, responsible and warm team.

I am sincerely grateful to the excellent specialists who have treated me - dentists doctors Vaidotė Razukevičienė and Aušra Gudžinskienė, to doctors surgeons doctors of medicine Dainius Razukevičius and Gvidas Jankauskas and to the doctors assistants.

Separately, I want to thank the doctor Jovita Dubinskienė, who needed a lot of skill, patience and time to do a major overhaul of my teeth.

THANK YOU to all the great team! Best of luck to you!


N. Lukoseviciute



Thank you dr. Dubinskiene, dr. Razukevicius, dr. Razukeviciene and others, with whom I have met, for a pleasant, professional service.


Thank you for my saved flights, as I am a “flying” patient.


It is a great team. Take care of each other, because strength is in unity.



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