About Gvidas Jankauskas, D.D.S., Oral Surgeon

2005 – 2008 completed secondary residency in Oral Surgery In 2005, completed medical internship at Kaunas Šilainiai Outpatient Clinic In 2004, graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Kaunas University of Medicine

  • Since 2009 member of Baltic Osteointegration Academy.
  • Since 2008 member of the International Team for Implantology (ITI).
  • Since 2005 member of the Maxillofacial Dental Surgery Association
  • Since 2004 member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber.
  • Razukevičius, D., Jankauskas, G; Why do not work block anesthesia in the mandible? // Clinical knowledge Dental Chamber Publication 2013. According to Lithuanian Dental Chamber Board Resolution, this publication was the best and receives an award.
  • Razukevičius D., Jankauskas G., /Implantacija po danties traukimo [Implantation after Tooth Extraction] //StomInfo// 2009.
  • Jankauskas G., Razukevičius D., /Gydymo implantais planavimas [Planning of the Treatment with Dental Implants]// StomInfo// 2009.
  • Jankauskas G., Labanauskaitė B., Vasiliauskas A., Haffar N./ Application of Implants for Orthodontic Purposes//Stomatologija [Stomatology]: Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal: Supplement: Baltic Compass Oulu- Kaunas// 2006.
  • Labanauskaitė B., Jankauskas G., Vasiliauskas A., Haffar N.,/ Implants for Orthodontic Anchorage. Meta- analysis// Stomatologija [Stomatology]: Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal// 2005.
  • 2019. Apr 14-18 International Conference Straumann Forum. Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 08-06-2018 International Congress in periodontology and implant dentistry EuroPerio9, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 2016-11-27-2016-11-29 Quintessence of periodontology and implantology 2016. Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2016-09-09—2016-09-10 International Implantology Conference, Baltic Osseointegration Academy. Lithuania.
  • 2016 04 30 Siauliai Dental Conference. Presentation “Oral Pathological Processes. Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment Tactics”. Siauliai, Lithuania.
  • 2016-03-14—2016-03-17 Global Implantology Week 2016, NYU college. New-York, USA.
  • 2015-11-04—2015-11-09 Emirates Education Week. Master Course in implant dentistry.  Dubai, UAE.
  • 2015-09-05 International Implantology Conference, Baltic Osseointegration Academy, Immediate Implantation and Peri-implant Tissue Stability. Lithuania
  • 03-06 Jun, 2015 the world leading conference in Periodontology EuroPerio 2015, London, UK.
  • In 24-04-2014 – 26-04-2014 ITI World Symposium. Geneva, Switzerland.
  • In 17-03-2014 – 20-03-2014 New York University Global implantology week. New York, USA.
  • In 2013 – Dentists society scientific conference “Modern Classic in dentistry”. Presentation “Local anesthesia complications and their solutions”/ Lithuania
  • In 2013 – 6th Republican scientific practical conference “Biomedical and social sciences Updates in the context ofresearch“/Lithuania
  • In 2013 – courses “Master course in esthetic implant dentistry”/D.Buser,U.Belser/ Switzerland
  • In 2012 – courses „Zimmer institute dental implant Special Training“/Switzerland • In 2012 – International conference “Craniomandibular Disorders“/Lithuania
  • In 2012 – international conference “Today vs. the Future. Modern and future technologies”./DMD. Didier Dietschi, Prof. dr. Ashok Sethi, Dr. med. Dent. Alessandro Devidus, Dr. med. Dent. Helmut Walsch/Lithuania
  • 2012 m. – Fourth International Baltic Osteointegration Congress (BOA)/ Lithuania
  • 2012 m. – courses Sofia dental meeting association „Diagnosis and planning. Surgical protocol of implant placement“/Bulgaria
  • In 2012 – international conference “Quintessence Baltic Bruxismus”. /Prof. CHARLESMcNEILL, D.D.S./University of California, SanFrancisco, Prof. PATRICIA A.RUDD, PT, DPT,CCTT /University of California, SanFrancisco Prof. SandroPalla/University of Zurich, Prof. Daniel Paesani/University of Salvador/AOA, Buenos Aires/Argentina/Lithuania
  • In 2011 – Third International Baltic Osteointegration Congress (BOA)/ Lithuania
  • In 2011 – conference “Modern traniomandibular diagnosis and planning“/Lithuania • In 2010 – congress “New Achievements in Implant Dentistry” /dr. Frances. M. Andreasen/Danija/, dr. Miguel Stanley/Spain/dr. V. Pečiulienė/ Lithuania/, dr. T. Linkevičius/Lithuania/,dr. S. Grybauskasir kt./Lithuania
  • In 2010 – courses „Reconstructionmethodology of advancedrecededjaw”/T.Hanser/Lithuania
  • In 2010 – world congress “ ITI World Symposium”/ Switzerland
  • In 2010 – Second International Baltic Osteointegration Congress (BOA)/ Lithuania
  • In 2009 – courses „Žandikaulių alveolinių ataugų rekonstrukcija kaulo blokais“ /S.Grybauskas/Lithuania
  • In 2009 – training event “Professional ethicsof dentalwork”./ Prof. Zita Liubarskienė/Lithuania/VŠĮ “ARX DENTIS, Lithuania
  • In 2009 – conference „Periodontologyissues“./LPD, VU/Lithuania
  • In 2009 – scientific practical conference „Emergency help inchildrendentistry“./lek. Andrius Macas/Lithuania/, lekt. Jūratė Zūbienė/ Lithuania/LVOD, LROR/ Lithuania
  • In 2009 – international congress “Careful look at the modern developments in Oral Implantology” /BOA, Lithuania
  • In 2009 – First International Baltic Osteointegration Congress (BOA)/ Lithuania
  • In 2009 – courses “The Straumann dental implant system”/Switzerland
  • In 2009 – theoretical – practical courses “Mikroinvazinės ir makroinvazinės rekonstrukcijos porceliano laminatėmis ant ugniai atsparių modelių”./ Doc. T. Koržinskas, Dr. Jan Shunemann/Germany
  • In 2009 – international conference „Achievementsin estheticdentistry”./ Prof. G. Rasperini/Italija/, Dr. I. Ahmad/Anglija/, Prof. F. Ferraris/Italija/, Dr. G. Ricci/Italija/, Dr. I. Ivanciūtė/Lietuva/, Dr. O. Yuksell/Vokietija/, Dr.D. Winkler/Anglija/, Dr. Eglė Kunčiuvienė/Lietuva/, Dr. Lucian Toma Ciocan/Romania
  • In 2008 – Second international specialization and developmentseminar „Etiopathogenesis, morphology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and surgical treatment of congenital and acquired maxillofacial and occlusal defects“./European Association for Cranio – Maxillo – Facial Surgery”/Poland
  • In 2008 – scientific practical conference „Periodontologyissues“./Lietuvos Periodontologų draugija/Lithuania
  • In 2008 – scientific practical conference “Infekcijos kontrolė odontologijoje ir ikivėžiniai burnos gleivinės pakenkimai”./lek.doc. J. Šemetova/Lithuania/, lekt. dr.E. Slabšinskienė/Lithuania
  • In 2008 – conference Modern Implant Dentistry: Current Concepts in Surgical and Prosthodontic Treatment/ D.Buser, C.Belser/ Russia
  • In 2008 – course The Icelandic Education Week, Straumann Dental Implant System /Prof. B.E.Pjetursson, Prof. N.P.Lang / Iceland
  • In 2008 – conference Oral Rehabilitation with Dental Implants / Baltic Osseointegration Academy / Lithuania
  • In 2008 – course The Straumann Dental Implant System/ Switzerland
  • In 2008 – international conference Functional and Esthetic Solutions in Dentistry / Dr.Galip Gurel, Prof. Nitzan Bichacho, Carlo Zappala/ Lithuania
  • In 2008 – second international seminar focusing on specialization and professional advancement Etiopathogenesis, Morphology, Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Congenital and Acquired Maxillofacial and Occlusal Defects / European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery/ Poland
  • In 2008 – scientific practical conference Topicalities of Periodontics / Lithuanian Association of Periodontology / Lithuania
  • In 2007 – conference Maximum Aesthetics – Biological Compatibility in Aesthetic Tooth Restoration / Dr. Tidu Mankoo, Dr.Orcan Yüksel, lect. Dr. Vygantas Rutkūnas, Dr. Simonas Grybauskas/ NEOA/ Lithuania
  • In 2007 – completed a 5-month internship at the Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic of Riga Stradina University/ Latvia
  • In 2007 – conference ITI World Symposium/ International Team for Implantology/ New York, USA
  • In 2007 – meeting of the Maxillo-Facial-Surgery Association on Implants in Oral Cavity and Diagnosis of Oral Cancer / Prof. H.V. Precheur, Prof. G. Taybos/ Riga University / Latvia
  • In 2007 – course Temporomandibular Disorders and Occlusal Factors; Evidence – based dentistry; Orofacial Pain Physiology and Modulation; Orofacial Pain: Research Frontier the Temporomandibular Joint; Pharmacological Management of Orfacial Pain / DDS, PhD, Med Dr. Per Alstergren/ the Institute of Stomatology of Riga University / Latvia
  • In 2006 – course Dental Implantation and Augmentation / Tomas Linkevičius, Algirdas Puišys, Simonas Grybauskas/ Vilnius Implantology Center / Lithuania
  • In 2006 – course Novelties in Implantology / Tomas Linkevičius, Algirdas Puišys, Simonas Grybauskas/ Vilnius Implantology Center / Lithuania
  • In 2006 – scientific practical conference Modern Periodontics / Lithuanian Association of Periodontology / Lithuania
  • In 2006 – national scientific conference Topicalities of Dentistry / Lithuanian Association of General Practice Dentists / Lithuania
  • n 2006 – scientific practical conference Periodontics Today / Lithuanian Association of Periodontology / Lithuania
  • In 2005 – primary care course Emergency First Response Care for Children/ Lithuanian Society of Doctors of Pediatric Resuscitation and Intensive Care / Lithuania
  • In 2000 -Third International Dental Congress/ Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuanian Dental Association/ Lithuania
  • 09-11-2018 lecture Evidence based Medicine. Value and challenges Conference of Othodontists, Raudondvaris, Lithuania
  • 08-06-2018 Treatment With Dental Implants Is A Teamwork, the international Straumann Forum Riga, Latvia
  • 23-03-2018 lecture Complications of Dental Implants. How to Avoid Them? International Scientific and Practical Conference “Challenges and Solutions of Reconstruction of Chewing Function” Kaunas, Lithuania

  • In 2013 – Dentists society scientific conference “Modern Classic in dentistry” and made a report “Local anesthesia complications and their solutions”/Lithuania
  • In 2013 – the 6th Republican scientific practical conference “Biomedical and social sciences Updates in the context ofresearch” and made a report “Dental Implants – a better quality of life”/Lithuania
  • In 2012 – Fourth International Baltic Osteointegration Congress (BOA) „What does it means evidence based tratent planning with dental implants?“/Lithuania
  • In 2011 – Events of the Odontologists’ Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania “ Localanesthetictechniquesand complications ”/Lithuania
  • In 2010 – “Planning of treatment with dental implants”, “Unusual complications of local anaesthesia, atraumatic teeth extraxtion”/ Koimbros university, Portugal.
  • In 2009 – at the seminar held by Kaunas Implantology Center/ Should we fear complications of anesthesia? Is tooth extraction always simple?
  • In 2006 – at the second international congress Baltic Compass, Oulu – Kaunas / Implant Use for Orthodontic Purposes.
  • In 2004 – at the Lithuanian Conference of Junior Researchers and Biomedical Science Students / Etiology, Diagnostics and Treatment of Angle III Class Occlusal Anomalies.
  • In 2004 -at the Lithuanian Conference of Junior Researchers and Biomedical Science / Implants in Orthodontics



Ausra Nordby


The best way to remember good job – to repeat it. Thank you dr. Gvidas Jankauskas, dr. Ausra Gudzinskiene, dr. Ramune Mickiene and all staff of KIC. You made my dream come true!


Ruta Klapper


For many years I come to Lithuania regularly and visit this clinic, using a variety of clinic services from oral hygiene to implantation. I have been a patient of doctor Ramunė Mickienė for several years. The doctor has done a lot of work from caries treatment to prosthetic anterior teeth. Doctor R. Mickienė explains very well and comprehensively the course of treatment, tells about the materials used in treatment and prosthetics, and the work of dental technicians. I also received a lot of advice on how to properly care for your teeth and implants. I have full confidence in this specialist. I was even asleep during treatment (without analgesia). I have also been a patient of hygienist Karolina Malašauskaitė for many years. She works with great professionalism and precision. The first implant in this clinic was screwed on by my oral surgeon Gvidas Jankauskas. I was pleasantly surprised by the professional work, materials and medicines used. The procedures included sedation by Natalia Rudnikevič, an anesthesiologist. Everything was SUPER. The next day, there was no swelling. I believe it was thanks to a professional team. The staff of this clinic is well versed in their work. I trust and recommend the KIC clinic.


Arnoldas Norkus


Today while on my way, I was inhumanly afraid of wisdom tooth removal, but thanks to the great work specialist Gvidas Jankauskas, everything happened very quickly and painlessly.

Thank you, Doctor.


E.R. from Alytus


Sincere thanks to surgeon Gvidas Jankauskas and all the staff for their advice, procedures and patience. This is a man who can be trusted with your problems. Thank you very much…


Laima Mizarunienė


I have been geting treated at KIC for several years. It is a truly unique treatment facility that brings together a very professional, responsible and warm team.

I am sincerely grateful to the excellent specialists who have treated me - dentists doctors Vaidotė Razukevičienė and Aušra Gudžinskienė, to doctors surgeons doctors of medicine Dainius Razukevičius and Gvidas Jankauskas and to the doctors assistants.

Separately, I want to thank the doctor Jovita Dubinskienė, who needed a lot of skill, patience and time to do a major overhaul of my teeth.

THANK YOU to all the great team! Best of luck to you!


Grazina Zizaite



Thank you – for the best doctor Gvidas Jankauskas. You are the best!


Dalia Šliažienė


I have been treated in your clinic since December 2015, so first of all I would like to thank you for the quality service and nice work of the administrators. Special thanks to the doctor G. Jankauskas.


Virginijus Bockus



Thank you dr. Gvidas Jankauskas for the professional work. The implant has integrated without any problems. Recommendations for others.


Lina Varaneckiene



I had a visit to Kaunas Implantology Centre. Dr. Gvidas Jankauskas extracted 2 teeth.


I was afraid so much. Immediately after the operation I said with a smile that there was nothing scared.


I didn’t feel any pain during the operation or after it. Professional doctor. My recommendations.

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