About Ausra Gudzinskiene, doctor – odontologist

Since 2004 member of Dental Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania. In 2003 completed residency in Garliava policlinics. 2002 graduated from Faculty of Dentistry, KMU.

  • 2019 Nov. 22 Theoretical-practical course “Testing for craniomandibular dysfunction and dentist practice” Vilnius
  • Oct 17-18 Seminar “Practical Application of New Generation Composites for Direct Restoration: Clinical Work Protocol, New Methods and Materials” (Prof. Simone Grandini, Italy), Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Oct 5. Scientific conference organized by the Unit of Dentists 25 years – Expectations and Reality, Druskininkai, Lithuania
  • 2019. Mar 1-2 Systematic Restoration of Worn Teeth, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 09-11-2018 Conference held by Lithuanian Chamber of Dentists 4×2-it’s important, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 25-10-2018 Modern Dentistry Academy. Modern Technologies and Methods, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2018. Oct 6. Good Planning – A Successful Result, scientific Conference held by Dentists Union, Druskininkai, Lithuania
  • 24-11-2017—25-11-2017 Endobaltic 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 21-08-2017—24-08-2017 Course “Implant Aesthetics: Where Are We Today?” by professor Urs Belser, (Basel, Switzerland)
  • 24/25-11-2016 Endobaltic 2016, Vilnius
  • 21-10-2016 Theoretical and practical course Construction of the Correct Bite. The Most Important Knowledge for Dentists and Dental Technicians. Lecturer Stefan Schunke, Riga.
  • 16/18-12-2015 Specifics of Work with Panoramic Dental Equipment, Vilnius.
  • 09-10-2015 Microscopy and Principles of Endodontic Retreatment in Clinical Practice, Kaunas.
  • 2015-09-25 / 26 Innovations of Dental Practice, Kaunas
  • 27-11-2015 – 28-11-2015 international scientific practical conference Endodontic 2015
  • 28-11-2014 – International Scientific Practical Conference “ENDOBALTIC 2014″
  • 2014– Seminar “Application of Biolase Diode Laser to Plastic of Oral Cavity Soft Tissue and Treatment of Periodontological Pathology”
  • 2013 – International Scientific Practical Conference “ENDODONTICS 2013″
  • 2013 – International congress “ODONTOLOGY FOR HUMAN HEALTH”
  • 2012 – Theoretical course „Restoring Worn Teeth with Composite Fillings by Increasing Height of Occlusion”. Lecturer assoc. prof. dr. Giedrė Kobs2012m–Theoretical and Practical course “Direct Canine Tooth Restoring with Composites” Lecturer assoc. prof.dr. Giedrė Kobs
  • 2012 – Seminar “Wave-one- Forming Dental Root Canal with a Single Disposable NiTi Instrument. Calamus System – Three-dimensional Filling of Dental Root Canal with Hot Guttapercha .“
  • 2011 – Seminar “How can Clinical Practice be more Successful. Complex Treatment Solutions”.
  • 2010 –Conference “Innovations and Advances in Odontological  Practice“
  • 2010 – Theoretical and practical course in a training center Apollonia. Poltava, Ukraine. Lecturer S.Radlinski.
  • 2009 –Scientific practical conference “Firsts Medical Aid. Primary Life Support – Failures and their Reasons”.
  • 2009 – Crisis Research Center, Practical training course “ACUTE CASES IN ODONTOLOGICAL PRACTICE”
  • 2009 – Scientific practical conference „ ENDODONTICS 2009″
  • 2009– Scientific practical conference “Fifteenth Anniversary  of Doctor Odontologist Association“
  • 2009 – Scientific practical conference “Emergencies in Children’s Odontology”
  • 2009 – International congress “Patients’ Safety in Odontology”.



Inga Kaminskė


I truly appreciate dr. Aušra Gudžinskienė and all team for the amazing dental reconstruction. Good luck!


Gabrielius Saulys


Sincere thanks doctor Ausra and assistant Deimantefor your wonderful job taking care of my teeth. Your perfect teamwork makes me feel calm and confident. I am happy to return for the next visit. Thank you!


Gintare D.


Smile is one of the signs of happy person. Thank you, KIC team for your professional work, cozy environment and what is extremely important to the patient - sincere communication. Thank you doctor Ausra and doctor Gvidas for the opportunity to smile.


Jolanta Sakalauskiene



My heartfull thanks to this clinic for professional and great work! This is the place where you can feel absolutely calm, because you are sure that everything is done to the very highest level, and what’s the most important today is the right price, from which the weak does not grow up.


Thank you from all of our family! Dr. Ausra, you are just unreal (because we spend the most of our time in your cabinet)! All the others of the staff are also wonderful and very polite!


The professional work of the specialists of the clinic was also greatly appreciated by the acquaintances who have already started visiting KIC.


Laima Mizarunienė


I have been geting treated at KIC for several years. It is a truly unique treatment facility that brings together a very professional, responsible and warm team.

I am sincerely grateful to the excellent specialists who have treated me - dentists doctors Vaidotė Razukevičienė and Aušra Gudžinskienė, to doctors surgeons doctors of medicine Dainius Razukevičius and Gvidas Jankauskas and to the doctors assistants.

Separately, I want to thank the doctor Jovita Dubinskienė, who needed a lot of skill, patience and time to do a major overhaul of my teeth.

THANK YOU to all the great team! Best of luck to you!


The Sadauskai



We would like to say thank you to dr. Ausra. She is the best from all doctors that I have ever met.


Her care for the sick child during the New year fests has changed my opinion about the medicine system at all. She takes care about the teeth od all our family members. Thank you and good luck!





Dr. Ausra, thank you for your perfect work and pleasant atmosphere.


Jovita Bergenas



Dr. Ausra takes care about the tooth of my family members and mine for a long time. We wish to say THANK YOU for her…  By now we live abroad, but we always return to you. 


Good luck to you and all the staff of this clinic. It is always a pleasure to come here.


Thank you for your professional approach.

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