Patirtis dantų implantacijoje

Experience in dental implantation

Posted on 2017-10-05

On the 29th Sep, 2017, BOA (Baltic Osseointegration Academy) conference “Sharing Experience in Dental Implantation 2017” was held in Vilnius.

Patirtis dantų implantacijoje

During the conference, PhD oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dainius Razukevičius (Kaunas Implantology Centre) read the lecture “Sinus Lifting Procedure. The old truths are relevant nowadays,” Doctor shared his experience in purpose to reach the best long-term solutions of dental implantation.

Oral surgeon Gvidas Jankauskas (Kaunas Implantology Centre), during his lecture “Dental Implantation is a Teamwork”, talked about the importance of the common work of surgeons and prosthesis doctors as well as dental technicians and the common responsibility of the professionals‘ team towards the patient.