Straumann Pro Arch (or All-on-4) method was developed for partly or fully edentulous people to restore all or most teeth saving their time and money.

This insertion method is aiming at partly or fully edentulous people when instead of traditional insertion of 6-8 implants only 4 dental implants with a fixed denture are used.

The aim of Pro Arch implantation is a full-arch restoration at minimal cost, providing a patient with a chance to enjoy restored teeth and changed appearance on the same day.

Also, this method can help to avoid sinus floor lift procedure and bone augmentation or can provide with an opportunity to replace a mobile full-arch denture with a more comfortable fixed one.

How is dental restoration performed with Pro Arch?

Applying Straumann Pro Arch method, during one visit 4 implants are inserted, 2 of which are inserted at 30-45 degree angle in order to provide the ultimate support and maximum stability for the prosthesis.

On the same day new temporary teeth are fixed on the implants which fully restores a chewing function. At the end of the recovery period (recommended 6 months) permanent teeth are fixed.

Dantų implantavimas. Kokybiški ir patikimi dantų implantai Kaune

Straumann Pro Arch method significantly changes an entire course of treatment, shortens the procedure time and reduces the cost of dental repair.

The main advantages of ProArch method:

  • Significantly cheaper full-arch restoration compared to the traditional methods.
  • Significantly shorter treatment and recovery time.
  • Temporary teeth are fixed the same day.
  • Stable and comfortable support for different dentures.
  • Possibility to implant without additional procedures in case of deteriorated bone.
  • Non-removable denture is fixed on implants, which is stable, does not move when speaking or laughing.
  • Chewing function is restored.
  • After dental restoration the bone receives chewing load which prevents from its deterioration.
Bedančių žandikaulių implantavimas Straumann Pro Arch metodika