Celebrities’ choice: Why straightening with aligners has proven most attractive?

Posted on 2019-09-17

Patients with crooked or misaligned teeth often find themselves in a dead-end – they dream of a perfect smile change but dread the idea of wearing braces. The utopian dream of straightening teeth without braces has become a reality for thousands of patients, including high-profile celebrities, whose attractive appearance is of paramount importance in their professional lives. Invisalign clear aligners allow straightening the teeth and correcting the dental occlusion without damaging the image. Do you also dream of straightening your teeth without discomfort? This dental procedure is prevalent in Hollywood, but it is also applied to the Kaunas Implantology Centre.

How do celebrities get their teeth straightened?

Press is overwhelmed with information* revealing the secret of a stunning smile of Justin Bieber, Eva Langoria, Khloe Kardashian and many other celebrities, namely the invisible straightening braces. ‘Invisalign’ clear braces are made of a thin transparent material; therefore, there was nothing strange in young Justin Bieber, removing his set of aligners to show them to journalists, as they were nearly invisible on the teeth. However, the aligner treatment is suitable not only for teenagers but for adults as well.

They helped a lot of celebrities in solving various dental defects. For example, actor Zac Efron managed to get his tooth spacing removed with aligners, actors Tom Cruise and Eva Langoria got their front teeth strengthened, and Duchess Kate Middleton decided to improve her smile with aligners just before the wedding.

Viktorija Krušinskienė, MD observes the trend of strengthening the teeth with aligners before special occasions because that treatment often lasts less (depending on the individual case) and is also less binding, as aligners can be removed any time.

How does it work?

The distinctness of teeth straightening with aligners lays not only in particular aesthetics but also in a detailed treatment plan. First of all, the prints of the patient’s dental arcs are taken, according to which a comprehensive treatment plan is prepared, and the aligners are produced.


When planning the treatment, it is digitally predicted how each aligner will change the position of the teeth, how long the treatment will last, and what outcome will be achieved at the end of the procedure. Each patient is provided with individual aligners that need to be rotated in turn every two weeks (as instructed by the orthodontist). One by one, the aligners slowly push the teeth into the required position until the desired result is achieved.

Invisalign aligners are an indispensable tool for those patients who value beauty and comfort and want to eliminate defects such as tooth space, dislodged teeth, irregular occlusion, etc. Braces-free straightening is now available not just for celebrities, but for anyone who wants to smile without a hitch.