Are you unsatisfied with the shape or colour of your teeth or gaps between tooth?

Are you worried about carious or fractured tooth or old fillings discolouration? The aesthetic tooth filling is an excellent choice of such cases.

Aesthetic dental filling –

is the dental procedure for replacing and restoring your tooth structure or defects (old fillings, teeth decay, cracked and chipped teeth, etc.) or correction of the teeth shape or colour with modern dental filling materials. The maximum saving of dental tissue is the priority of the treatment.

Aesthetic filling –

is quite modern field of dentistry, which requires professional and very precisely work in order to restore teeth that look aesthetically, naturally and perfectly functioning.

During the first visit your dentist will listen to your expectations and complaints, analyse the individual situation that will let to prepare the most effective treatment plan including all alternatives of the treatment. You will discuss the terms and prices of the treatment.

Aesthetic filling could be the best way to solve such problems as worn or broken teeth, discolouring of the teeth, gaps between teeth, the old discoloured fillings, etc.

If you are not satisfied with the current view of the teeth, the first step to make a decision – visit a dentist for consultation.

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