Oral hygiene and annual check-up during pregnancy are said to be not only safe but even recommended.

During pregnancy some women crave for different food, consumption of which might be harmful for the teeth, and level of hormones increases in the body, these factors may cause gum swelling and bleeding.

Therefore women must regularly see an odontologist who may help to avoid oral infections and dental diseases which can sometimes be related to premature birth.

How to maintain healthy teeth during pregnancy:

  • Regularly visit an odontologist for a check-up and oral hygiene procedures.
  • Inform your odontologist about your pregnancy.
  • Bring a cushion to put under your back and feel comfortable in the odontologist’s chair. When seated don’t cross your legs to ensure proper blood circulation.
  • Odontologists recommend pregnant women to follow principles of balanced nutrition, brush teeth twice a day with toothpaste containing fluoride and use mouthwash.

Can teeth be treated during pregnancy?

It’s not a can, it’s a must. Sometimes it’s urgent, especially in cases of dental root canal problems or when a tooth must be pulled out. If the tooth needs filling, you shouldn’t delay because of possible infection. The best time for dental treatment is the second pregnancy term because during the third term some women find it difficult to stay longer in the odontologist’s chair.

Less important beauty procedures, such as tooth whitening, can be posponed for later. Any procedures that can be harmful to a developing baby should be avoided even in case of minimal danger.

Can medication used in dental treatment harm?

These days a lot of doctors disagree about any possible negative effect of medications, used during dental treatment, on a developing baby. If a woman needs to see an odontologist during pregnancy, the amount of medicines must be as little as possible. On the other hand, stress caused by pain felt during the treatment can also have a negative effect on a baby. Sometimes unhealthy teeth can result in complications due to which a woman may need to take antibiotics in order to remove infection. Such antibiotics, as penicillin, amoxicillin and clindamycin, are regarded as safe enough to be used during pregnancy.

Is an X-ray safe?

X-ray is often necessary for dental treatment especially in urgent cases. Dental X-ray is safe, however, X-ray is performed only in case of indications.

Development of baby’s organs is most active during the first term of pregnancy, therefore, any possible risk factor should be avoided at that time.

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