"Professional approach, trust and confidence"

- the criteria of our activity -

Precise diagnostics, clear and effective treatment and professional work –

these are conditions that ensure the  most effective treatment results.

Attentive and professional environment and top care for every patient –

this is the environment created by surgeons, doctors, assistants, hygienists as well as administrators – professionally qualified and experienced and always there to help and discuss any aspect of the treatment in order to make the patient feel more confident.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) surgery, orthognathic surgery, reconstructive maxillofacial surgery, jawbone reconstructive surgery, bone regeneration before implantation, dental implantation, simple and complicated teeth extraction, surgical treatment of periodontitis, aesthetic gum surgery, dental prosthetics, orthodontics, dental fillings, professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening –

it is just a part of our daily routine procedures made by experienced top quality specialist of Kaunas Implantology Centre.

Precise diagnostics, optimal treatment plan and qualitative treatment are reached using only reliable and certified materials and the modern equipment.


"To see the smile in the patient‘s face -"

- the goal of Kaunas Implantology Center team -



"Computed tomography with the most precise tomograph i-CAT 3D -"

- the lowest radiation for the patient, the highest resolution for the doctor -


Kaunas Implantology Centre services



Dental Implants
Implantation without tissue reconstruction
Sinus floor elevation surgery
Onlay block grafting
Distraction osteogenesis of the jaw ridge
Protection of tooth alveolar from resorption
Implantation with partial bone defect

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Oral surgery

Oral Surgery
Tongue frenulum recontouring
Lip frenulum recontouring
Wisdom teeth extraction
Root apex resection
Dental clinical crown extension
Mouth vestibule plastic
Mouth preparation before prosthesis
Removal of bony exostoses
Tooth neck covering

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Dental prosthetics

Fixed prosthesis:
Partial crowns
Dental bridges

Removable prosthesis:
Full prostheses
Partial prostheses
Dental clasps

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Advanced chronic marginal periodontal surgery

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Early treatment
Adult treatment
Orthodontic appliances

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Dental treatments

Professional oral hygiene
Dental treatment
Children’s teeth
Root Canal Treatment
Tooth Whitening

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